What You Should Know About Criminal Record Expungement

An expungement normally involves the removal of a criminal conviction or a criminal charge from a person’s records. A criminal record can be expunged but this is after one meets some qualifications. One needs to consider the state where they want to get an expungement because an expungement process will vary from state to state. People who have criminal records or convictions have a difficult time getting jobs and this is why they may want an expungement so that they can be able to find employment opportunities. Due to a criminal record, it can be difficult to pursue an ideal career since this may limit one’s academic pursuit. Government aid is not given to people with criminal records and this is why people usually consider expungements.

The advantage of getting an expungement is that one’s records will not be available to the public but only to the judicial system. An expungement process requires one to file for an expungement. A few of the details that one will find when they fill an expungement form is the date of arrest, date of conviction, etc. One must show that they have maintained good character and this is why they must submit three affidavits which should be from people who are not related by blood or even marriage. One should be prepared to pay a fee for filing for an expungement. You can learn more about North Carolina expungement laws here. 

Expungement attorneys usually assist clients in the filing of an expungement. The benefit of using an expungement attorney is that they can make the process faster. People who use expungement attorneys can be able to file petitions correctly and this will save time. When one uses an expungement attorney, one will get additional advice during the process. The number of years after a conviction can determine whether one can get an expungement and this is why one should listen to the advice of an expungement attorney. An expungement attorney is knowledgeable about the cases where one can get an expungement and if one has committed some crimes they may not be able to get this so one should seek an attorney’s advice. Click here to learn how your NC arrest records can be expunged. 

It is less stressful when one has an expungement attorney to handle their expungement because this means that the attorney will handle all the paperwork. It is good to find out the cost of the services of using an expungement attorney so that one can be able to check whether they can be able to afford their services. One may also need to consider how long an expungement process may take so that one knows how long it will cost to pay for the services of an attorney. Read more about criminal record expungement here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/22/criminal-record-employment_n_5372837.html


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